Will It Fit My Grill?

The Rib-O-Lator will fit on 98% of the grills on the market but it may not fit the smaller inexpensive grills because they just aren’t big enough inside to provide clearance, but it’s easy to find out . . .


 Here’s how to check your grill:

      • Place your rotisserie rod onto your grill. If you don’t have a rod yet, then substitute something similar.


        • Measure down from the center of the rod to the cooking grates. You need 6″ of clearance.



          • If you don’t have 6″, then remove the grates and measure again.



            • If you still don’t have 6″, then lift out the burner covers and measure again. Unless you have a small grill you should now have 6″ of clearance. If not, The Rib-O-Lator won’t work for you (but hey! you can always buy a bigger grill!)
              We always suggest putting a low-rimmed cookie sheet under The Rib-O-Lator because it keeps your grill nice and clean. Even if you’ve had to lift out the burner covers to gain clearance, you can set the cookie sheet right on the burners themselves.


              • Measure from the center of the rod to the BACK of the grill. Then measure from the rod to the FRONT of the grill. You need 6.75″ of clearance both directions.



                • Now measure lengthwise. You need 21″ to accommodate the regular 17″ fixed trays plus the brackets that hold them. If you are using the adjustable tray model you will need a minimum of 19″ length (including brackets) when the trays are set to their shortest length (15″).



                  • There will always be room from the rod to the lid unless your grill has a severely slanted lid, in which case you can prop it open an inch or two during cooking to provide clearance. It won’t affect cooking times much at all.

If you prefer, here are video instructions:




Part 1


Part II