How to Install The Rib-O-Lator on Your Grill

1.  Remove the trays and brackets from the box.

2.  Slide the brackets onto your spit rod making sure that the pins are facing each other. Then take the rod with the brackets and one of the trays out to your grill.

3.  With the spit rod installed on your grill, place the tray on one of the bottom bracket pins, on one side and then the other.This will give you an idea of where the Rib-O-Lator will positioned on your grill. The Rib-O-Lator does not have to be centered in the middle, it can be at one end or the other as well.

4.  When you decide on it’s location tighten ONE of the brackets to the rod.

5.  Now remove the rod and set it on a flat surface .I.E table etc.

6.  Now take one of the trays and place it on one of the bottom pins of the bracket you tightened.

7.  Now take the other loose bracket and slide it’s pin into the other end of the tray.

8.  Repeat this step for the rest of the trays.

When all the trays are installed on both brackets, tighten the loose bracket, making sure that the trays are centered in the middle of each pin. This will allow you to remove the trays latter to clean without loosening the brackets.

To test this, try to remove a tray by sliding it to one end of the pin and then see if it will come off the pin at the other end. If it doesn’t then loosen one of the brackets and adjust it until it does.