Watch these videos to see if the Rib-O-Lator will fit your grill

You can check to see if the rib-o-lator will fit your grill by doing the following.

You will need a tape measure.

  • 1st place your rotisserie rod and motor onto your grill
  • 2nd remove the grill grates (cooking surface)
  • 3rd depth: (up and down) from the center of the rotisserie rod measure down to the heat plate covering your burners. You will need 6 inches clearance, if you do not have 6 inches, then remove the heat plate covering the burners and re-measure.
  • 4th length: (end to end) now measure lengthwise. You will need 20 inches from end to end.
  • 5th width: (front to back) now measure the width. You will need 61/2 inches on each side of the spit rod for a total of 13 inches. The video says 101/2 inches but this is incorrect.

The Rib-O-Lator will fit on 99 percent of the grills one the market. the only ones it may not fit are the smaller inexpensive grills.the Rib-o-Lator trays measure 5'' x 17'' x 4 trays = 340 sq inches of cooking surface.

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