Whatever you can cook in your oven you can rotisserei on the Rib-O-Lator™:

The main seasonings i use are salt and pepper as well as Montral steak seasoning.

For sauce I like the GrillMore original sauce as it has a sweet smoky flavor

The signature BBQ sauce has more of the southern syle tast, more tang and less sweet.

Anytime you cook something that drips you should place a piece of aluminium foil, or a baking sheet underneath the Rib-O-Lator™ to keep your grill clean.

Here is a good cooking tip. If you are only cooking enough food to fill one or two trays you can just leave the motor off with the trays at the top position to cook your food. You will still be cooking with indirect heat.

ALSO, ballancing your food on the trays is important so the trays won't tip. With bigger food you can use buthers twine to hold your food in place.


  For the best ribs baby back or spare ribs you have ever had: 1st place winner

Rib-O-Lator Ribs   Rib-O-Lator RibsRib-O-Lator Ribs

   Grill temp should be about 225-250                                                             

1.Peel off the membrane on the back of the ribs. Once you get it started use a paper towel to grab and pull it off.
   Then rinse the ribs off with water and pat dry.

2. If you are using spare ribs you will want to cut them down to fit the Rib-O-Lator™, this is called St Louise style ribs.
    They will look like a thick baby back rib. This is the type I use the most. You can take the part you trimmed off and cook it as well.
    When they are done you can cut them up into rib-lets.

3. Then I apply a heavy coat of your favorite seasoning. If you don't have one just try one from the store or use
     Montreal steak seasoning or salt and pepper. Then generously apply front and back.

4. On the next step I have done two ways. (1) I let it set in the fridge overnight, or (2) I put them on the Rib-O-Lator™ right away.
    They both tasted the same to me, so you pick.

5. If you want smoke flavor, place your smoker box on top of the burners, and have the heat on high, once it starts to smoke turn to low.
    I use the FlavorDome smoker as it will smoke for about an hour before I have to refill it, and it produces a better flavor smoke.

6. The grill temperature should be about 225-250. If possible, don't have the Rib-O-Lator™ over the burner that is on.
     If that is not possible just make sure the heat is on low. I also place aluminum foil or a baking sheet underneath the Rib-O-Lator™ to catch drippings.
     You will want to do this when the grill is cold.

7. Now place the ribs on the Rib-O-Lator™ and let cook for about one hour.

8. On this step you will need a spray bottle. In the bottle add 1 cup of Dr. Pepper, Apple juice or Coke as well as a few teaspoons of the
    BBQ sauce your going to use (as long as there are no chunks in it as it will plug the sprayer) and about a teaspoon of olive oil.
    After the ribs have cooked for about an hour or so spray with the mixture. Do this about every ½ hr or so.
    If you can't do this or you don't have a spry bottle then you can baste them with the mixture.

9. At about 3 hours of cooking they should be looking pretty good. Now you want to baste them with BBQ sauce.
    (I use Grill More original sauce) you will want to baste them every half hour, this will give the sauce time to caramelize.

10 At about 3- 3 ½ hours take a toothpick and poke it into the meat, the toothpick should go through
     like you are putting it into butter. If It doesn't, cook a little long and then recheck.
    You can also take a fork and pick at the meat to see how easily it comes off. If you have to tug at it, then it's not done.

11. And here is the important part....DO NOT! Add any more BBQ sauce tot the ribs, eat them as they ar. for the best flavor.


Great tasting tender fish:

Rib-O-Lator FishRib-O-Lator FishRib-O-Lator Fish

1. Mix one clove of garlic with a cube of sweet butter and add juice from half a lime.

2. Wash the fish with cold water and dry off. I apply a heavy coat of the grill more original seasoning.

3. If you want smoke flavor follow the directions in the rib section.

4. Spray the tray with Pam or something similar. Then place the fish on the Rib-O-Lator™ and cook at about 300 digress.

5. For the fish to turn out perfect you will want to cook it until the internal temperature in the thickest part of the fish is 140-145 no more!
    It is important that you have a thermometer to check this, don't guess.

6. After about a ½ hr of cooking baste the fish with your butter mix, you can do this a few times until done.

7. Using a long barbecue flipper, slide it under the fish and lift off the tray onto a plate and eat up. (Bacon optional)


Perfect vegetables:

Rib-O-Lator Veggies

1. Cut up an assortment of your favorite vegetables. I cooked some red and yellow peppers, lots of onions, mushrooms,
     asparagus, zucchini, and for the first time jalapeno peppers. To make them not hot you just cut out the seeds and the
     pith (the white stuff) and no hot, and they taste great.

2. You can cook them as is or you can mix them with a little olive oil and seasoning (sa;t and pepper) 
     and then place on the Rib-O-Lator™ tray, they will turn out great.

3. Grill temp is should be about  275-300, you will know when they are done.


Juicy Burgers

Rib-O-Lator Burger

Grill temp is should be about 300-325

 1. You can use regular hamburger or you can have your store grind some out of beef brisket, sirloin steak etc.

2. I like to mix Worcestershire sauce, lots of grill more seasoning (either one or both) some small chunks of cheese,
    and some cayenne pepper for a little kick. Mix it altogether.

3. Make a good sized patty and place on the Rib-O-Lator™.

4. The advantage of doing it on the Rib-O-Lator™ is that you won't start a grease fire and the burger won’t burn,
     it will be nice and juicy. I like mine with a little pink in the middle.

5. I like to take some of the sliced jalapeno peppers (already gutted so there not hot) and cook them at the same time.
    Put them on the burger just before you add the cheese.

6. Put your favorite cheese (I like pepper jack) over the top and a big slice of sweet onion (you can cook the onion on the Rib-O-Lator™
    or just put it on raw) a slice of avocado, and of course BACON. You can cook that on the Rib-O-Lator™ as well.

    Be prepared to get some mess on you.


Steaks:  Rib-O-Lator SteaksRib-O-Lator SteaksRib-O-Lator Steaks 

For steaks there are only two things I use to season. One is just a heavy coat of salt and pepper. I know this sounds to simple but it will give you great flavor. The second is Montreal steak seasoning.

I have the grill temp to 300-325. I like my steak med rare so I cook it until the internal temp is 125 and then place it on the side burner to sear for a few minutes.

After you taste how good it is, this will be the only way you do steakes again.


Chicken:Rib-O-Lator Chicken   Rib-O-Lator Chicken 

    I make my wings two ways depending on how much time I have.

    First I separate the wing from the drum it's just my preference.

    You will be able to get about 60 wings and drums on the Rib-O-Lator.

 1. The first way is, I marinate them in Wish Bone Italian dressing (It's the best to use) in the fringe overnight.
     I use the large zip lock freezer bags put any plastic bag will do. I do this because you can scrunch the chicken together
     and you won't have to use as much dressing.

2. The next day I remove some of the excess  dressing and then place them in a big bowl or baking sheet and coat them with Montreal steak seasoning.

3. I turn the grill up to 300-325 grill temp and spray the trays with Pam so they won't stick .

This  is the important part:

4. Then I place them on the tray by staggering them back and forth so the tray will be balanced.
     I place one piece to the very edge of the tray that way they have no ware to move and then I place one on the other side and then fill in the middle.
     Balancing is key.

5. You will be able to tell if it is unbalanced as the tray will want to tip one direction or another. 
    so stager them so the weight is even and the tray is level and then fill the next tray. You don't have to use all the trays, sometimes I just use one.

6. They will be done when the internal temp is 165 in about 40 min but I let them go until the skin is a little crispier,
     about 1hr. Every grill is different so they my crisp up sooner so for the first time you do it keep an eye on it.

7. Then I put them on a plate and like a bunch of crazed monkeys on crack  we all shove them in our mouth until there are a pile of shiny bones. 
     You want to be careful eating this way, as there have been times I found myself chewing on my knuckles and they don't taste like chicken!


Rib RoastRib Eye Roast

      To Make a great tasting rib roast i just by the boneless ones at Costco. I put a heavy coat of Montreal steak seasoning on
      it so there will be a thick flavorful salty crust when it is done.

1. Cut the roast into 5 inch sections and Carefully balance the roast on the tray.  Put it on it's end as this is the flattest and most stable.
   Then do this for the other half.

2. I set the grill at about 200 degrees and cook until the internal temp of the meat is about 120-125.
    then i turn up the heat to about 400-+ so it will make the crust crispy on the outside.
    If it is already to your liking then just cook until it is the desired doneness you want.

    The total cook should take about 3hrs.

    I gotta tell ya, that salt crust was so good i ate two slices standing at the counter. 

    You can also take the crusty drippings left in the catch tray below and add a little water and red wine to it and stir
     it around until it dissolves and you will have a great au ju.


Rotisserie Chicken Nachos:

 Chicken NachosChicken NachosChicken NachosChicken NachosChicken Nachos 

        I made some rotisserie chicken cheese nachos and being the first time I didn't know what to expect. All I gotta say is, I ate them all!

        Preparing the Rib-O-Lator:

       1. For me first time I placed foil in the tray as a liner but the next time I am going to very lightly spray the tray with Pam
           and put the chips directly on the tray.

       2. Have the grill at about 300 temp.

         Making the Nachos:

     1. Buy unsalted corn chips.

     2.  Put a thin layer of chips on the tray.

     3. Then add shredded cheese. ( I just bought a bag of shredded Mozzarella and white cheddar) and sprinkle a good layer on the chips.

     4. place some chicken or other meat on top of the cheese. (I bought a rotisserie chicken at the store and used it because it had great flavor.

     5. Repeat steps 2-4 so you have three layers.

     6. heat them for about 15 min until the cheese melts and remove. The advantage of doing them on the foil is that you can just lift it right off the tray.

     7. Now add the salsa of your choice with some sour cream and whatever else you want on it and introduce them to your belly.


      Pork chops:

       The grill should be at 300-325 temp

       I just coat them with salt and pepper and cook until the juice runs clear about 155 internal temp.

      They taste great. If you want sear marks place the chops on your cooking grat at hight temp. 
      if this is not possible because of no room,  you can use the side burner that you never use and place you cooking grate on top of that to sear.

Moink Balls so named because it is a combination of cow and pig. Moo-Oink

  1. You can use store bought meatballs or make your own.
    If you make your own do the following:
  2. Mix your favorite seasoning ( or use Montreal steak seasoning) into the meat
  3. Mix in small chunks of pepper jack cheese
  4. Make a good size ball
  5. Wrap with bacon so the ball is covered. (You knew there would be bacon involved)
  6. Now place on the Rib-O-Lator™. You'll know when there done.
  7. Grill temp should be about 300-325

Other things you can cook on the Rib-O-Lator™:

  • Shrimp
  • Hot dogs
  • Meatloaf
  • Corn
  • pizza
  • Cut up potatoes
  • Believe it or not, bread
  • Desserts
  • Basically anything you can cook on your stove or oven you can cook on the Rib-O-Lator™.

More recipes to come...

Or if you have some that you want to share let me know and I will add them here.

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